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Some policies related to intelligent luminaire in 2020

Publish Time:2021-06-01     Views:930

Recently, the first provincial “5G intelligent luminaire standard” was also born. On August 8, Guangdong Province issued a 79-page “Technical Specifications for intelligent luminaire “, which stipulates the design, construction, testing and acceptance, operation and maintenance intelligent luminaire systems.

The specification states that the intelligent luminaire is a carrier, which provides functions such as intelligent lighting, mobile communication, city monitoring, traffic management, information interaction, and urban public services. It can be remotely operated through the Multifunctional intelligent luminaire for monitoring, control, management and other network communication and information services.

At present, government demand has undergone a major change from the previous two years. In the past, companies recommended to the government a pilot project to build intelligent luminaire,but now the government has relatively clear needs. The government itself defines the standards, and companies allocate projects based on the amount of government funding.

Since then, the intelligent luminaire has 5G as a fresh impetus, with the government as a powerful promoter to coordinate the parties through policies, and the first provincial intelligent luminaire standard has emerged to lead the way. This provides conditions for the solution of “who will use, who will build, and who will operate” smart street light poles.

According to OFweek Industrial Research Institute statistics, the scale of China’s intelligent luminaire construction reached 6,500 in 2018, and the overall market size is still small. However, with the continuous advancement of smart city construction and the promotion of the 5G commercialization wave, intelligent luminaires are used as 5G micro base stations. Natural matching is expected to achieve breakthrough growth in year 2020-2022.

A revolution in the intelligent luminaire industry has been rolled out across the country, and the battle for the beach in the intelligent luminaire industry is poised to take off.